The inaugural Channel 4 Annual Diversity in Advertising Award is a long term commitment from Channel 4 to improve diversity in advertising every year until at least 2020.

Each year the prize will focus on a different area of diversity to encourage the advertising industry to embrace inclusive creative campaigns – and extend Channel 4’s leadership in diversity beyond its editorial content and into the ad breaks. The 2017 £1million competition focusses on the particularly challenging brief of invisible disability.            

We recognised that non-visible disabilities and mental health issues need to be addressed more publicly and through this year’s award we have invited the British advertising industry to tackle this challenge. Brands and agencies are invited to pitch creative campaign ideas which focus on issues surrounding non-visible disabilities and the winning campaign will be awarded £1 million worth of commercial airtime.


Channel 4 has received numerous awards and changed public perceptions of disability through our marketing strategy and coverage of the London and Rio Paralympics, and our efforts to address the lack of disabled talent on and off-screen - with much of this focus on physical disabilities. Now we have turned our attention to the next taboo – non-visible disability – and we are encouraging the advertising industry to focus its attention on this issue by staking this significant prize.

In addition to the £1million award,  we are offering up to four runners-up match-funded commercial airtime. 


Jonathan Allan, Sales Director at Channel 4 said: “Following the huge impact of our We’re The Superhumans campaign globally and Superhumans Wanted winning Maltesers ads, it’s important that we continue to lead the charge of championing diversity in advertising.

“Non-visible disabilities, in particular mental health, remain taboo subjects and we need to change this – both in our content and between our programmes.

“Diversity is the lifeblood of Channel 4 so by creating this annual £1m prize to inspire the best creative brains, we’re hopeful that the industry will rise to the challenges we set them to help encourage a real and lasting change to marketing strategies in the future.”


Use the links at the top of this page to get more details on how to enter and guidance on what the judges will be looking for, or if you have specific questions email us at Entries can be made via the link to the right of this page - good luck!