Who we are

An exciting destination of dedicated music programming that boasts specially commissioned pieces with hot new talent.

What we are for

  • To showcase the best in mainstream music for highstreet addicts
  • To give fans the celeb exclusives and juicy gossip


Why advertise on 4Music?

    • We are the UK's number 1 music channel, beating MTV1 Total and Viva* with a 20.9% average monthly reach (10.1m) for individuals *
    • It reaches 19.1% of ABC1 adults a month with a ABC1 profile of 32%*
    • Our audience is female-lead and centred on 16-24s
    • We feature the latest chart music with exciting 'tabloid' lives
    • There's massive cross promotion to entice even more viewers

    * Infosys/BARB MCH