In VoD We Trust 2015

Is All VoD The Same?

 No it isn’t! 

-      Advertising on Broadcaster VoD delivers 3.5 x greater attention levels than advertising on YouTube

-      Viewers are more receptive to advertising on Broadcaster VoD than You Tube

-      Respondents scored 4oD higher on Quality than other commercial VoD providers

Media Agencies shared our hypothesis that Broadcaster VoD is an important Premium platform

 We had the view that Premium VoD – that is VoD on Broadcaster Platforms – provides a higher quality environment for brands vs other platforms such as You Tube and other long tail commercial video providers.  

To investigate further we commissioned FaR Partners to explore this hypothesis with media agencies (who constantly face the challenge of where best to place their clients brands) and we discovered that they felt the same – Broadcaster VoD is a Premium offering, important for their comms plans. But what they (and we) didn’t have was the Consumer Insight to back it up.  Do consumers’ experiences of VoD actually mirror what we all think?

We set out to find out

-          How people are watching VoD
-          Whether Viewing behavior differs between Premium VoD and non-Premium VoD
-          What are the implications for advertisers

We needed to get into consumer’s minds…


This project called for pioneering research !


We knew a traditional methodology wouldn’t quite cut it for this brief.  Just asking people how they watch VoD and expecting them to tell us in a way that captures the output in a meaningful and insightful way was optimistic - after all, people like to think (say) they don’t watch ads. We needed to see what people think without them having to tell us!

So, we commissioned COG Research, alongside Dr Amanda Ellison of Durham University, who together have been pioneering implicit research  techniques to help us solve this challenge.


Using Eye Tracking and Skin Conductance Receptors on VoD Viewers to measure ATTENTION and BRAIN ACTIVITY

The science bit...

To mimic people’s natural VoD behavior in their own environments we went into people’s homes and, whilst they watched VoD on their own portable devices (phones, tablets and laptops), we recorded exactly what they were watching using Eye Tracking glasses  - their attention toads and content for Broadcaster VoD and for You Tube.

 In addition, using discreet fingertip SCR sensors, we measured the level of brain activity that viewers exhibited when watching said ads and content.  Cog were then able to combine the results using special computer software to produce the insights.

 Broadcaster VoD commands higher attention levels for both ads and the content because people view both in a relaxed, fluid state, making the advertising easier to process.  On the other hand, with You Tube, high levels of on-screen distraction mean that not only were viewers eyes taken away from the advertising most of the time, but when they were seeing the ads, the cognitive load on their brains increased, making the advertising more difficult to process.  

And the Channel 4 brand was an important stamp of quality

 In addition to the Viewing monitoring, for the final piece of the story, we conducted a separate online study to understand viewers perception of the different VoD players using quantitative implicit response testing.  This showed us that Channel 4 scored highly on things like Quality and Intelligent but also Fun and Edgy. 

Important implications for advertisers

Broadcaster VoD clearly has an important role to play in providing a Premium, Quality environment for agencies to place their clients’ brands.   This environment mimics TV and provides a platform that is conducive to ad receptivity and proves that, for other platforms, a ‘view’ is not necessarily a guarantee of attention.  


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