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Introducing the Project

The ABC1 definition used by the media industry is increasingly losing relevance. Representing 54% of the UK adult population, it doesn’t correctly define an upmarket ‘High Capital’ audience who have both the economic means and progressive attitude many advertisers want to reach.

The social grade system, based on the occupation of the head of household, has remained largely unchanged since it was introduced in the 1960s. In a survey to the media industry world, 72% claimed to be knowledgeable of the ABC1 definition, however two thirds incorrectly believed affluence to be a factor in defining social grade.

We’ve identified a real upmarket audience, of which, 1 in 5 (18%) of these High Capitals wouldn’t be classified as ABC1 under the current definition. We’ve taken this a step further and segmented this group into three sub-groups. The most progressive and valuable segment within the High Capitals are the Proactives. This forward thinking group drives Channel 4’s upmarket audience and have more desirable characteristics versus. ABC1s – more money, higher propensity to trial and more influential. We’re enabling media agencies to identify and reach the Proactives (and other segments) among their audiences to the benefit of advertisers. All three audiences are available in TGI and coded onto Target Group Ratings (TGR) to allow schedules to be optimised against this segmentation.

This site gives you a whole host of information on the Updated Upmarkets including category based research, videos and nickable charts. New content will be released throughout the year, so make sure you check the site regularly so you don’t miss out! 


Meet the Segments

The research identified three brand new segments with a 'real' upmarket audience. Have a click below to find out more about each of them:




Nickable Assets



  Full Presentation Deck

 The Practicals - Pen Portraits

  Extra Video Content

 The Primes - Pen Portraits


 The Proactives - Pen Portraits



Access the Segments

We've made the Updated Upmarkets segments available for you to use on both TGI and IMS. Just download the relevant documents below to start using - and if you have any problems, contact us using the details further down this page.


 TGI Codes for the Telmar system

 TGI Codes for the Choices System

 IMS Codes - Please email LAntoniou@channel4.co.uk for access 

 IMS Codes - Instructions 

Find Out More

Interested in knowing more about the project? Get in touch with our Audience Technologies and Insight team by emailing Lucy at LAntoniou@Channel4.co.uk