What are spot adverts?

Spots are the adverts in the commercial breaks between programmes. These tend to be 30 seconds long but can be anything from 5 to 120 seconds. We have a wide range of programmes on our portfolio of channels to cater to various audiences. Airtime can be bought regionally.



What are the benefits of using spot advertising?

TV advertising brings your brand to life on an audio-visual platform. It can provide high awareness levels over short periods of time or build awareness slowly depending on the advertising campaign strategy. It can target a specific audience, demographic or regional area. It can be beneficial for both brand led and direct response advertising.

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How can I use Airtime?

How long is a piece of string?! No two campaigns are the same and the best thing to do is contact us to discuss your brand’s needs. We sell across 6 macro regions on Channel 4 and nationally across all our other channels.


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What makes using Airtime at Channel 4 different?

Channel 4 has been broadcasting ever since 1982 and award-winning programming is what drives our brand and reaches a wide range of consumers. Advertising on any of our channels can suit very modest budgets and it can deliver a very high return on investment.

We help to deliver the most effective advertising campaigns possible. We put our considerable knowledge and experience at the disposal of advertisers, their ad agencies, media consultants or any other specialists appointed by the advertiser. We are committed to building strong and lasting partnerships.

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