Contextual Moments

We've broken the mould with Contextual Moments, the world's first application of AI to deliver contextual advertising for TV at scale. Contextual Moments automatically identifies everything that happens in our content, highlighting valuable contextual advertising opportunities. 

Our AI looks for objects, actions and positive themes that match your brand. We then ensure your ad appears near these opportunities. 

For example, where previously a baking brand might have only contextually advertised around The Great British Bake Off, we can now help that brand to locate all the contextual moments in a wide range of programmes like Hollyoaks, Naked Attraction, Made in Chelsea or Rich Kids of Instagram.

• Contextual Moments is automated and brand safe, delivering contextual advertising at scale for TV planning.
• Our research showed that viewers are twice as likely to remember an ad when viewed contextually.
• It enhances performance for advertisers, driving awareness and numerous positive associations.
• This is all driven by its ability to boost memory coding.
• We have lots of other findings we’d like to share with you if you get in touch.

  • Contextual Moments Brochure

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    Download our full brochure on Contextual Moments for more insights behind our groundbreaking AI.