Channel 4

British Heart Foundation Partnership with 24 Hours in A&E

Channel 4, in a branded entertainment AFP partnership with the British Heart Foundation (BHF), announces 24 Hours in A&E: Heart Special, set to air on Channel 4 on Friday 20th March at 8pm. The special episode will revisit and update on the stories of three people who previously appeared in the award-winning series when admitted to A&E with serious heart conditions.

The Big Idea

Viewers will hear from the loved ones of the patients that feature in this special episode in a series of BHF ads that will air at the start of each ad break throughout the Programme. 

This pioneering Heart Special provides the BHF with the opportunity to raise awareness and increase support for its research to save and improve lives.  More than seven million people are living with heart and circulatory diseases in the UK, every hour 19 people in the UK die from heart and circulatory disease. The ads will encourage viewers to donate to the charity’s research.

Dr Sonya Babu-Narayan, associate medical Director at the British Heart Foundation, said: “The Heart Special is a great opportunity to demonstrate how BHF-funded research and innovation has led to life saving treatments for people with heart and circulatory problems. From pacemakers to heart transplants, genetic testing to statins, our research has been vital to many breakthroughs. But as 24 hours in A&E shows, people are still attending hospital with heart and circulatory conditions every day, and there are more life changing, lifesaving advances to make. We hope the programme will inspire more support for our pioneering research to beat heartbreak forever."

Making it Happen

The partnership was established by PHD UK which will see three 20" contextual ads air featuring the loved ones of each of the patients from the 24 Hours in A&E Heart Special. The copy is a direct call-to-action in the centre break where viewers are urged to donate £5 to the British Heart Foundation. 

Alongside the show and the contextual ads,  there is also a package of BHF branded social and digital content to support and press home the BHF messages and the 24 Hrs in A&E show partnership.



The Results

To be announced post campaign end date.