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Hillarys Amplify

All 4’s new multi-platform innovation runs across big screen devices, mobile and desktop. Amplify enables advertisers the opportunity to drive online engagement and purchase with platform specific message and calls to action. Amplify enhances standard video by promoting key product information and images which frames the pre-roll whilst viewers watch it.

The Big Idea

We created two different Amplify executions for Hillarys.

Campaign 1
As the UK entered a period of lockdown, Hillarys stores were closed and therefore driving viewers to was key. Hillarys wanted to drive viewers to view additional content, hosted at, focused around their #stayhappyathome campaign.

The Amplify creative promoted Hillarys ‘Stay Happy at Home’ message alongside their pre-roll. A bold and clear ‘Discover More’ call to action drove listeners to, with a QR code on All 4’s big screen platforms.

Campaign 2
Off the back of a successful campaign, we subsequently also worked with Hillarys to create a second Amplify execution. Hillarys’ key messages, as the lockdown eases, are showcased alongside the pre-roll.

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Making it Happen

Hillarys ENG4GE campaign was a collaboration between Hillarys, Mediacom and C4 Sales.

The Results

We ran a successful high impact ad solution, driving brand awareness campaign across all of All 4’s platforms: big screen, mobile and desktop.