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Monday 11th January

C4, 5pm – Junior Bake Off

Junior Bake Off returns, across the week. Selected from thousands of applicants, 16 talented junior bakers enter the iconic white tent and compete in the most challenging and exciting contest to date. Host Harry Hill brings warmth and humour, as Liam Charles and a new judge - professional pastry chef Ravneet Gill - take on the tough task of finding Britain's best junior baker. In today's episode, the first heat of eight junior bakers enter the Bake Off tent for two exciting baking challenges. Sponge baking and jelly making are put to the test in a tricky first Technical Challenge where the bakers are asked to follow Liam's recipe for a bake every baker has eaten before - but with an unusual twist. The bakers also make impressive fantasy cakes themed around their wildest dreams. Expect imaginative and extraordinary bakes from the new class of 2020 bakers.

Junior Bake Off


C4, 9pm – 999: What’s Your Emergency?

A new season of 999: What's Your Emergency? reveals first-hand what it takes to maintain law and order on the brink of a national crisis. Filmed with South Yorkshire Police as Covid begins to take hold, 999 heads to the front line and examines the role the police play in testing times. This episode reveals the reality of living in what's described as 'the age of fear'. Nine out of ten people are as worried, or more so, about being the victim of criminal behaviour than a year ago. One in five fear becoming a victim of crime in their own homes. And with a 10% annual increase from last year in the incidence of violent crime and muggings - the majority of which are at night - concern is growing about being out after dark. But although the fear of being attacked by a stranger has grown, we are more likely to be made victims of crime by someone we know. 'I've never known a time like this', says call handler Josh. 'We all thought Brexit was bad enough, and then the coronavirus comes along... it doesn't fill you with optimism for the future... There are incidents that we get through that are horrifying.' In the middle of the night, PCs Dani Devey and Keeley Lees rush to help a traumatised woman, alone at home, as attackers rampage in the street smashing up houses and cars. They respond to an elderly, unwell man whose bedsit is under siege from attackers who are still on the scene. Officers also respond to the reported mugging of a young girl. A terrified woman trapped at home begs emergency call handlers to help her escape with her children from an abusive partner. And a young mother - who sustained years of horrific abuse from her estranged husband - is suddenly fearing for her life again as he is released from prison and immediately begins a frightening campaign of intimidation.

999 whats your emergency



Tuesday 12th January

C4, 9pm – 24 Hours in A&E

The RTS award-winning show returns for a new series following patients treated in the same 24-hour period at St George's in south London. The hospital has one of the busiest A&E departments in Britain - a place where stories of life, love and loss unfold every day. During a hectic day in the emergency department the stories of two people living with debilitating illness become the focus. Sue is airlifted to hospital after the 61-year-old falls from her mobility scooter and is knocked unconscious during a day trip with her family. Doctors are concerned she may have sustained a significant head injury as well as damage to her abdomen. Her daughter Natalie and husband Mike discuss their active life together before Sue was diagnosed with a crippling illness at a young age. Ted is rushed to A&E after the 78-year-old fell down the stairs, hitting his head, and leaving him agitated and confused. Doctors are worried he may have sustained a bleed on his brain. His wife Jean shares stories of her troubled childhood and the life she built with Ted before he became acutely unwell. Meanwhile, emergency doctor Georgina explores her reasons for wanting to become a doctor and the humbling sights she witnesses on a daily basis.

999 whats your emergency


C4, 10pm – Are Women The Fitter Sex?

Dr Ronx, an emergency doctor, investigates why more men die from Covid-19 than women. Meeting experts and patients, Ronx discovers that this medical gender bias is not restricted to today's pandemic, but is true across many viruses and diseases, including SARS, cancer and HIV. Women, it appears, are the stronger sex. But alongside this natural advantage, a dangerous gender data gap also exists, undermining how women are treated within the healthcare system, leading to misdiagnoses and deaths. Delving into personal experience and challenging their own biases, Ronx asks what must be done to mend our divided healthcare and explores how much sex really matters.

are women the fitter sex?


Wednesday 13th January

E4, 7.30pm – Married At First Sight Australia

The honeymoons are over, and they all head to Sydney. The couples then meet each other for the very first time at a fun, flirtatious and dramatic dinner party.



C4, 9pm – Grand Designs

Kevin McCloud follows more of Britain's most ambitious self-building projects, as intrepid individuals attempt to design and construct the home of their dreams. Greg and Georgie's young lives have been marked by illness - Greg had a brain tumour in his early twenties, while Georgie has been in treatment for various cancers most of her life. But their resilience is remarkable. Having met at a charity event they're now married and looking to build their first home together. Despite their medical history, they're going to do it the hard way. Taking on almost all the work themselves, their highly ambitious plan is to convert a cavernous, dilapidated, 35-year-old barn in Georgie's parents' garden in Kent into a peaceful safe haven. It'll be a huge challenge involving the painstaking conservation of the existing rotten structure, building a new two-storey internal steel frame and recycling everything they can to stretch their £250,000 budget. The project gets off to the worst possible start when they discover that the foundations, which already need specialist groundworks and will cost a third of their budget, also require expensive underpinning. The only way they can keep the project on budget is for Greg to take over and do the specialist work himself, despite his only previous experience coming from refitting his pub. Constantly out of his depth, Greg repeatedly has to take on vital construction jobs as the build progresses, with just Georgie, a few friends and YouTube to help. Faced with other seemingly overwhelming challenges, like Georgie's ongoing health concerns and the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, the stress and exhaustion mount. Moving into their new home, designed for relaxation, recovery and recuperation, seems a very long way off...



Thursday 14th January


C4, 9pm – 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown

Jimmy Carr hosts the words and numbers game, with Rachel Riley and Susie Dent. Katherine Ryan and Joe Lycett face off against Sean Lock and Johnny Vegas. Christopher Bliss joins Susie in Dictionary Corne

8 out of 10 cats

M4, 10pm – New Amsterdam

The second series of the US hospital drama continues. Max invokes a hospital-wide census in an effort to get to know the staff of New Amsterdam on a deeper level. Reynolds takes a leap of faith that lands him in hot water, and Dr Castro extends her treatment plan to more patients in the hospital.

New amsterdam


Friday 15th January

M4, 7.50pm – The Great Pottery Throw Down

The battle of the clay returns in a brand-new series of The Great Pottery Throw Down, hosted by Siobhán McSweeney, as 12 of Britain's best home potters compete to become champion. In this first episode, judges Keith Brymer Jones and Rich Miller set the potters two challenges against the clock: to throw a cheese set and port chalices, as the battle of clay kicks off at the wheel. Who will be named potter of the week, and who will be first to leave the pottery?

Great pottery throw down


C4, 9pm – The Last Leg

Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker return, live and socially distanced, for a new run of the quadruple BAFTA-nominated and multi-award-winning The Last Leg. Adam, Josh and Alex offer their unmatched satirical insight to current world events, and are joined by big name guests from the worlds of comedy, entertainment and politics to help dissect the biggest news stories of the week. As ever, the hashtag #isitok paves the way for the gang to round up, examine and explain the week's leading and most entertaining news stories via their acerbic wit, enlightening discussions and unique sketches.

The Last Leg


Saturday 16th January

C4, 12.30 pm – Live Heineken Champions Cup Rugby: Ulster v Gloucester

Lee McKenzie presents live action of the Pool B match between Ulster and Gloucester, which is being played at the Kingspan Stadium in Belfast. Ulster's Billy Burns will be lining up against his old club. Mates off the pitch, maybe - but no quarter given for those crucial 80 minutes. Miles Harrison, Jamie Heaslip and Danielle Waterman provide commentary, with Ed Jackson reporting and Stephen Ferris and Bryan Habana joining Lee in the studio. The Big Tackle - with European rugby highights and news - is on Channel 4 tomorrow night.



M4, 8pm – The Yorkshire Dales And The Lakes: Season By Season

Filmed over a calendar year, The Yorkshire Dales and The Lakes returns with a new series, following a range of remarkable characters who live and work in England's biggest expanse of protected countryside. This four-part series celebrates life in the Lake District and the picturesque Yorkshire Dales National Parks across the four seasons, meeting real and engaging Yorkshire and Cumbrian folk. Life can be challenging in the Dales and the Lakes, particularly during the colder months. But there's brave folk out there who work hard whatever the weather, because they wouldn't want to be anywhere else. This episode looks at winter in the Yorkshire Dales and the Lakes. In Grasmere in the Lake District, father-and-son shepherding team Peter and Robert Bland have worked Herdwick sheep all their lives. They're heading up the fell, like they do every season, to gather their sheep. This time, the flock must be brought to the farm for pregnancy testing, to see how busy spring will be. Not all journeys to school are the same, and in Hawes in the rural Yorkshire Dales, the local bus service goes above and beyond to ensure all pupils get to school, no matter where they live. For mountain runners Charlie Sproson and Paddy Cave, they can't wait for winter conditions. After a perfect storm, snow has settled on Helvellyn - the third highest mountain in England - and it's time to get the ice axes and skis ready. On Coniston Water, the Steam Yacht Gondola has graced the lake for generations, ferrying tourists up and down. Every winter, she receives some much-needed TLC. This time, she also requires new bespoke parts - and steam engineer Alex Sharphouse is just the person for the job. And in Appletreewick in the Dales, pub landlord David Aynesworth has a special night up his sleeve. Along with friend Mick, he's preparing the pub for the annual ferret racing championships.

Yorkshire dales

Sunday 17th January

C4, 6.45pm – A Place In The Sun

Peggy is a massive golf fan and can't think of anywhere else she'd rather buy a holiday home than on Spain's Costa del Sol - one of Europe's top golfing destinations. She's counting on Danni Menzies to find her the perfect property for her £115,000 budget. Danni tees up five great options for Peggy and her mum Coral to see, but will any of them score a hole in one?

A place in the sun


C4, 9pm – The Great

New US comedy drama, loosely based on Catherine the Great. A celebration of Peter's (Nicholas Hoult) father is planned - Peter the Great Day! Peter nervously writes a speech for his military and generals - his father's old buddies. Catherine (Elle Fanning) presents her ideals for a new Russia to Orlo (Sacha Dhawan) and Marial (Phoebe Fox), who think her radical ideas need to be toned down. Aunt Elizabeth (Belinda Bromilow) reveals to Catherine the existence of Peter's half-brother Ivan (Charlie Price) - a young child confined to a guarded room, living in secrecy. Peter gifts Catherine a sterile lover, Leo (Sebastian De Souza), to keep her happy. She resists but begins to warm to his poetic nature. Later, Catherine decides to recruit an unhappy general to the cause and approaches Velementov (Douglas Hodge) about the coup. He is drunk and lusts for her, leading her to retreat. And Peter's dark side surfaces at the celebrations.

The great

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