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SAS: Who Dares Wins ad-funded podcast - Back To Base

This is the official Podcast for the series and has been created in conjunction with Mitsubishi to help activate their Documentaries On 4 sponsorship and to bring to life their key strapline; Drive Your Ambition.

The Big Idea

After the first episode of the fifth series of SAS Who Dares Wins at 9pm show we launched the first of 6 weekly episodes, SAS who Dares wins- Back to Base- the first official SAS podcast, sponsored by Mitsubishi. The car is integrated into the podcast as the intros & the spon reads are recorded in a Mitsubishi car.

6 episodes will be produced to coincide with the main TV schedule and will be hosted by former celeb-version contestant Andrea McClean. Joining her will be a mixture of special guests from DS’s like Foxy and Ollie, the show’s medical consultant Dr Sundeep Chohan, the ‘Mole’ from this series plus celebrity super-fans will also be dropping in.

We'll also be promoting the show via TV & VoD ads, social pushes, sponsorships of other Podcasts and also editorial support at the end of the TV episodes.

Making it Happen

The idea was born out of  PL4Y session last year with our 4Sales creative team, MGOMD and Mitsubishi, and we were tasked with the brief of how to activate their already very successful sponsorship of Docs on 4. 

SAS was chosen as the best show to bring to life Mitsubishis strap line as lends itself to interesting extended content about real, honest, emotional stories with a large fan base.

Ambition is something that is truly subjective. To different people, ambitions can mean different things. The podcast series will explore the variation in definitions of ambition. By working with a recognisable C4 show & talent this creates excitement & interest from the fans.

The Results

The podcast has only just launched and is already 2nd in the charts and rated 5/5! More results still to come...