Why TV?

We’ve got endless amounts of reasons on why TV is the perfect partner for brands, both in the short term and the long term.Here’s a few of them:

TV is the most trusted medium

TV in the UK is full of wonderful, high quality content which broadcasters invest in heavily. This, alongside the tight regulation which governs TV content and advertising, makes it a safe environment for viewers and brands.

In addition, TV has a robust, metred measurement system, BARB, which provides a joint industry currency for TV advertising trading based on completed ads, watched full screen (and by humans).

TV Advertising is more successful than ever

TV’s effectiveness has been proven beyond doubt time and time again. From delivering short and long term brand benefits to demonstrating sales and profitability ROI, TV outperforms other media across all categories. Even in the era of social media and online video growth, TV has become even more effective over time.  The IPA ‘Media in Focus’ study by Les Binet & Peter Field illustrates this, showing the increase in business effects as a result of adding TV to the media mix. By adding TV to your campaign you could now expect an average increase in effectiveness of 40%. That makes it one of the biggest differences you can make to the effectiveness of marketing.

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TV is the emotional medium

Just as it turns people into stars, TV turns brands into household names.  Research by Binet and Field for the IPA has repeatedly showed that emotive advertising campaigns and those that have fame at the core of their strategy are by far the most effective at creating large business effects like sales and profit. In fact they are 50% more likely to create these effects. And nothing touches our emotions or creates fame like TV.

Thinkbox’s ‘TV Nation’ work showed that TV ads were by far the most likely to make people feel emotional, and creating an emotional response is incredibly effective in advertising.

Source: Thinkbox TV Nation

TV has unbeatable Scale & Reach

TV has the greatest reach of all media. No other form of advertising can build scale as quickly and powerfully as TV. In one week TV (Linear TV and BVOD) is watched by…

95.6% of all ABC1 Adults and 92.5% of all 16-34s!

And TV in its totality (linear + broadcaster VOD) reaches virtually everyone each week!

And 4Sales reach is equally as impressive with a monthly reach of 88.5% of all ABC1 Adults and 80% of all 16-34s.

But, beware the seduction of ‘views’. Views that TV ads get online are an important part of the way brands now communicate. However, because the figures are so visible, the offline views – which are often driving them – can get overlooked. A million online views is not to be sniffed at, but an average broadcast TV campaign in the UK gets 240 million ‘views’ – and that is before you consider the different quality of the viewing experiences.

How this is calculated:

A typical campaign of 400 ratings expressed as views is 4 times the TV universe.

Source: BARB, 2018, reach 3min+; IPA TouchPoints, 2018.

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