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A definitive guide to the best telly on air next week.

Monday 9th November

American Election Result: What Does It Mean? Dispatches - 20:00pm on Channel 4

After an American presidential campaign like no other, Dispatches looks at the result and asks: what happens next?

Biden and trump


24 Hours in Police Custody: The Home County Cartel (E2/2) - 21:00pm on Channel 4

The concluding part of the new two-part special from the BAFTA-nominated series, about the importing into the UK of huge quantities of Class A drugs. The covert team try to uncover the true identity of Jaguar Palace, and the evidence to link him directly to the conspiracy. The detectives begin a nerve-shredding wait for the criminal network to set up their lucrative operation again; and stand ready to strike against the ring leaders when they do.

24 hours in police custody


Tuesday 10th November 

Taskmaster (S5E1) - 20:00 pm on E4

Taskmaster returns for more hilarious idiocy, toting five courageous comics ready to risk humiliation if it means lifting Taskmaster Greg Davies' golden head in triumph. With his assistant Alex Horne in tow, Greg judges the efforts of Aisling Bea, Bob Mortimer, Mark Watson, Nish Kumar and Sally Phillips as they play basketball without hands, become stranded in a lake and devise special cuddles for a special someone.



 Naked Attraction (S7E1) - 22:10pm on Channel 4

The dating show that dares to bare all is back and this time, it's even more revealing, with even more shocking and surprising events that continue to push boundaries. Anna Richardson returns to guide contestants through the game of choosing a partner based solely on the power of naked attraction, whittling six people down to one. Twenty-three-year-old Brian from Kent is very experienced in fine wine, classical music and culture. But as a virgin, he has absolutely no clue about sex, and seeing six naked women for the very first time has Brian running for the exit. And 27-year-old beauty therapist Shaida from London is feeling the pressure from her family to settle down, so is on the search for a man with the perfect balls to give her a baby by the time she's 30.

Naked attraction


Wednesday 11th November

Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country (E1) - 20:00pm on Channel 4

Property expert Sarah Beeny, her husband Graham and their four boys have quit their lives in London to start anew in the country. They've bought a semi-derelict former dairy farm in Somerset with 220 acres of land where they're going to immerse themselves in everything rural life has to offer. They also plan to build the house of their dreams - a modern stately home - in one of the fields. In this first episode, the family start to adapt to their new life and draw up plans for their ambitious modern stately home, while Sarah hopes that she won't miss the buzz of urban life. The family also return to Rise Hall - a huge old stately home that they renovated - and reveal how, this time, their new home's running costs and carbon emissions will be as low as possible. Back in Somerset, Sarah and Graham meet the planning officer and then cross their fingers. Graham starts to dig a pond, and the whole family help out with lambing season.

Sarah Beeny

Dance Around the World (E1) - 23.05pm on Channel 4

Three of Europe's most talented dancers take off on a global quest to find the beating heart and cultural roots of street dance. Londoner Suzette has danced with Missy Elliot and is an esteemed choreographer working with artists from Dua Lipa to Mick Jagger. Kym boasts a CV dancing for Madonna and Nike's global campaigns. And Maren from Holland has made her name as one of the most intimidating b-girl forces on the competition circuit. Maren, Suzette, and Kym may have performed in street dance battles world-wide, but this series takes them beyond their comfort zone. From the townships of South Africa, to the favelas of Brazil and New York's Bronx, the trio seek out dancing communities who've inspired the art form, discovering the roots of local dance culture and meeting the dancers who've used their own personal histories to transform the legacy of tribal moves into urban flows. The trio see life through the eyes of those they dance with: where poverty and political repression is the norm, where dance has been driven underground for being too 'anarchic, liberated, controversial', and where the legacy of slavery and oppression still casts a vivid shadow over everyday life. In the first episode, in Brazil, the dancing trio get to grips with the fast-paced fusion-dance passinho. Born in the favelas, passinho has a complicated association with street gangs and drugs, but it's an important voice for an oppressed generation. They meet one of the founding members of passinho, Iguinho, whose quick-step moves fuse hip hop, locking, breaking and even ballet. Passinho is controversial for being liberated, inclusive and unashamed, combining masculine grime moves with 'fem' steps. Dance thrives in favelas where baile funk parties - illegal raves - attract huge numbers of locals. The trio also head to a quilombo - a rural settlement in the jungle outside Rio, where the slave population fled in a bid for freedom. Adilson shows them the art of capoeira, an ancient dance-fight born from the time of slavery. Informed by the local history and the dance moves they've learned on their journey, the trio choreograph their own routine, ready to face their local mentors in a dance-off.

Dance around the world


Thursday 12th November

The Great British Bake-Off: An Extra Slice – Dessert Week (S4E8) - 20:00pm on Channel 4

For one week only, Extra Slice moves to Thursday. As The Great British Bake Off continues, An Extra Slice brings us more treats from the tent. Each week Jo Brand and a panel of celebrity Bake Off fans unpack the best bits from the show, as well as unseen footage and an exclusive interview with the baker who's leaving the competition. This time, Jo's joined by Kathy Burke, Jools Holland and Sophie Duker who dig into the best bits and tasty treats from Dessert Week. There's hilarious extra unseen footage, an exclusive interview with the latest baker to leave, and Tom Allen exhibits some home bakers' exquisite afters. Plus, Jo shares the adventurous attempts made in kitchens far and wide. As the semi-final approaches, was it just desserts for the latest baker to leave? Did the Signature cheesecake leave the panel feeling full? And who wobbled in the jelly art dessert cake Showstopper?



 George Clarke’s Old House, New Home (S4E1) - 21:00pm on M4

In London's Thornton Heath, George Clarke squeezes into an Edwardian workers cottage that's only half the size of a squash court. This doll's house is home to NHS theatre nurse Hannah and her two lively young children, but it's so small Hannah has had to give the only decent sized bedroom to the kids and is sleeping in the front room. If you think that's bad, the original occupants had eight children! Can George make every inch work, and give Hannah the luxurious master bedroom she deserves? And can he deliver the country cottage feel she's after in this busy city suburb? George also visits a four-bed detached house in Streatham that was previously lived in by a Sicilian ice cream manufacturer and his wife. They created their own slice of Italy with glass chandeliers in every room, Roman columns and marble effect tiles. Sadly, it's not to the taste of the new owners - can they create a grown-up sitting room and office with not a lot of lolly?

George Clarke


Friday 13th November

Live Rugby Union: Ireland V Wales - 18:30 pm on Channel 4

Lee McKenzie presents live coverage of Ireland v Wales from the Aviva Stadium in Dublin on the opening night of the inaugural Autumn Nations Cup. Wales and Ireland share Group A with England and Georgia. This is the first of three live games in the competition to be broadcast on Channel 4. With commentary from Miles Harrison and Shane Williams. Two-times Lions captain Sam Warburton and former Ireland captain Rory Best are in the studio, while Peter Stringer and Rob Kearney are pitchside at the Aviva.

Autumn Nations cup


Duncanville (E6) 23:05pm on Channel 4

The animated comedy that revolves around a 15-year-old boy with a rich fantasy life returns with new episodes. In the first part of a double bill, Jack and Annie visit a 1980s-themed club to celebrate their anniversary.


Saturday 14th November

Building the World’s Fastest Car - 18:00pm on Channel 4

A documentary that charts the efforts of an elite team of British automotive designers and engineers as they aim to create the fastest car on Earth. The Bloodhound team had secured the perfect driver - current record holder Wing Commander Andy Green - and they had located the perfect track - on a dried lakebed in the Kalahari Desert - and were ready to begin testing. Then, in 2018, disaster struck - the project went into administration and Bloodhound was 24 hours away from being scrapped. But Yorkshire businessman and engineer Ian Warhurst came out of retirement to save the project and see how fast the car will go. Building The World's Fastest Car follows Ian and his team as they arrive in South Africa for six weeks of high-profile testing that they hope will attract sponsors to secure the future of the project, and prove that one day their car will smash supersonic, power past 800mph, and blast into the record books.

Worlds fastest car


Red Sparrow (film) - 21:00pm on Channel 4

Jennifer Lawrence stars in the network premiere of this dark action thriller as a ballerina forced to join an elite force of Russian operatives know as Sparrows, trained to use any means necessary to complete the mission. Dominika Egorova (Lawrence) is a ballerina who looks after her sick mother. When a horrific on-stage accident leaves her unable to dance and, therefore, without an income, her uncle Vanya Egorov (Matthias Schoenaerts) steps in with evidence that it wasn't an accident after all. Dominika returns to the Bolshoi and catches the dancer who has replaced her and the dancer who broke her leg in flagrante delicto. So, she bludgeons them both with her walking stick. Obviously, this could be very bad if your uncle didn't work for the Russian government, but hers does. So instead she is sent to spy on a man for State Security. This 'mission' goes spectacularly wrong. While the man is assaulting Dominika, a shadowy figure wearing biker leathers comes through the window and garrottes him. But apparently, she has done enough to warrant being recruited to the Sparrows, an elite unite of incredibly attractive agents who are willing to use any means necessary, but often sexual, to get what they, or rather the State, wants. Nice uncle, right? Once she's trained in the art of seductive espionage, Dominika is sent on the trail of an American agent Nate Nash (Joel Edgerton). But can her loyalty to the State be entirely relied upon, given how it was obtained?

red sparrow


Sunday 15th November


F1 Turkish Grand Prix Highlights - 16:00 pm on Channel 4

Steve Jones, David Coulthard and Mark Webber present highlights of the Turkish Grand Prix from Istanbul Park. Only four of the 2020 drivers have raced here, with Vettel, Hamilton and Raikkonen all getting a victory. Can one of the younger drivers grab victory, or will a previous winner get the maximum points in 2020?



Escape to the Chateau (S7E1) - 21:00 pm on Channel 4

Escape to the Chateau is back with a brand-new series. Six years ago, Dick and Angel Strawbridge transformed a magnificent 19th-century chateau in the French countryside into an incredible family home and a base for their wedding and events business. And although life is a little different in 2020, Dick and Angel's family adventure continues. It's been a long hot summer at the chateau. The walled garden is bursting with a bumper crop of fruit and veg, gorgeous Kerry blue puppy Petale, the newest member of the Strawbridge family, is growing fast, as are Dorothy and Arthur. Dick and Angel's never-ending chateau to-do list is as long as ever, and with no guests, weddings or events at the chateau this year, Dick and Angel use their engineering and design skills to tackle some major projects. First on the list is transforming one of the old outbuildings into a supersized workshop for chateau-sized jobs. But before work can begin, the floor above must be emptied of decades of debris and, amid the rubbish, Dick and Angel discover that the chateau still has secrets to share.

Escape to the chateau


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