All 4’s Advantage in a Future without 3rd Party Cookies

All 4 takes a look at a Digital Advertising Industry, faced with a future where the use of 3rd party cookies is severely impacted.

3rd Party Cookie

Why is everyone talking about this?

In May 2019, Google made an announcement about its strategy to phase out the use of 3rd party cookies – with the ultimate plan to block by default in 2022.

There has since been speculation that Google may have been working towards a replacement solution, building some kind of cross domain unique identifier. However, in March 2021, Google made the announcement below:

‘Today, we’re making explicit that once third-party cookies are phased out, we will not build alternate identifiers to track individuals as they browse across the web, nor will we use them in our products.’

Following the trend of browsers Safari and Firefox also dialling up their privacy features to include blocked 3rd party cookies by default, Apple iOS 14 has also now added to this in January 2021, by introducing a consent flag which is expected to severely impact the ability to measure attribution of mobile ads.

Realising that there will no longer be the ability to perform these functions via the use of 3rd Party cookies, or an alternative built by the tech giants, indicates that they whole industry will be looking for a new way to run digital campaigns with effective targeting and performance measurement.

What Are Third Party Cookies Currently Used For?

Third-party cookies are created by domains other than the one a user visits directly, hence the name third-party. They are used for cross-site tracking, retargeting and ad-serving.

*Source: IAB Europe, May2020

All 4's Advantage

All 4 is the VOD platform for Channel 4. A vast majority of our views take place via app or CTV and therefore not via a browser, meaning we have not relied on 3rd party cookie targeting. Instead we have taken the opportunity to harness the data from registered users, while also developing market leading tech and data partnerships to develop GDPR compliant alternative data targeting solutions.


✓ Demographic Targeting (age, gender, etc)


✓ Interest Based Segments (Hobbies, Behavioural Segments)


✓ Approved product (Third Party Data)


✓ Bespoke product (Build Your Own Audience)


✓ Brandm4tch product (First Party Data Match)


✓ Personalisation (Using data led creative on an individual user level i.e. iVOD with targeting name or age)


✓ Sequential targeting within a campaign

Reporting & Measurement

✓ General Campaign Delivery Reporting


✓ Attribution Measurement & Audience Insights (BrandM4tch)



Our BrandM4tch 1st party data matching product powered by our partnership with Infosum. Matching your customer data with our registered users and targeting them directly across the All 4 platform.


Our Approved offering of over 150 pre-defined audience segments, powered by our partnership with data provider Acxiom.


Our 'Build Your Own Audience' product, offering advertisers the option to create their own niche, targeted audiences from our 1st party data.

All 4 1st PARTY DATA

● Demographic

● Contextual

● Interest Based Targeting


Serve highly personalised ads or messages utilising All 4’s 1st party data such as the user’s;

● Name

● Geo Location

● Weather

● Demo

● Time of Day

● Occasion countdown

To create a tailored, more relevant experience for the viewer.


● Customer Profile Reports - offered to all BRANDM4TCH clients

● Attribution Measurement - offered to all BRANDM4TCH clients with DR / CTA campaigns

● Campaign Delivery Reporting - offered to all All 4 clients via the Agency Portal. Delivery information including impressions delivered, CTR, Top 10 Programs, MOAT score

Channel 4’s Cookie Policy

*Please note: Channel 4 will continue using First Party Cookies as they are considered essential in helping you move around our website and app and to use their features, such as accessing secure areas of the website..

First-party cookies are created by the host domain ( in order to help provide a better experience to the user and keep the session open. This allows to control the user experience on the page by being able to set how often an advertisement is shown to you, how long it is shown for and how often it will appear (these are commonly known as "ad-serving" or "ad delivery" cookies).

Third parties may set cookies on our Services which Channel 4 does not control. These are called "third party cookies"

We use Freewheel cookies to help us with some of the advertisement delivery functionalities described in the "Functional Cookies" section in the link above, for example frequency capping and displaying our advertisements.

Please note that whilst this will opt you out of the Freewheel cookies, we still use Freewheel to serve you personalised advertisements on All 4 in accordance with our Privacy Policy. To opt out of these personalised advertisements, you will need to change your advertising preferences in your Account Settings.)

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