Breakfast on 4 Sponsorship Opportunity

The Breakfast on 4 Sponsorship is available from the 24th January 2022, however earlier January start dates can be discussed.

Breakfast on 4

Opportunity Summary

- The morning schedule is popular with viewers and gives consistent presence across weekdays and weekends

- Daily exposure across the week on C4 between 06.45 -10.00 (weekdays) & 07.00-09.45 (weekends)

- 1x15”, 2x5”, 1x10”  35” of accreditation per episode (based on 30 minute episodes)

-The sponsorship is predicated to reach nearly 5 million ABC1 Adults over 6 months (and almost 10 million adults)

- Opportunity to communicate with key audiences as part of their daily routine

For the full market deck, or to express interest, please get in contact:




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