AB & Copy Deadlines

All the deadlines you need to know if you're supplying advertisements to us...

Channel 4 2019 Advance Booking deadlines

Month Deadline
Jan-19 Tuesday 6th November 2018
Feb-19 Tuesday 4th December 2018
Mar-19 Tuesday 8th January 2019
Apr-19 Tuesday 5th February 2019
May-19 Tuesday 5th March 2019  
Jun-19 Tuesday 2nd April 2019  
Jul-19 Tuesday 30th April 2019
Aug-19 Tuesday 4th June 2019
Sep-19 Tuesday 2nd July 2019
Oct-19 Tuesday 6th August 2019
Nov-19 Tuesday 3rd September 2019  
Dec-19 Tuesday 1st October 2019  

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