AB & Copy Deadlines

All the deadlines you need to know if you're supplying advertisements to us...

Joint UK Broadcasters Christmas & New Year 2017

Copy Instructions, Delivery & Approval Timetable

Day Airdate Copy instructions by Copy Delivery & Approval by
Monday 4th December 29- Nov  29-Nov
Tuesday 5th December 30- Nov 30- Nov
Wednesday 6th December 01- Dec 01-Dec
Thursday 7th December 04-Dec 04-Dec
Friday 8th December 05-Dec 05-Dec
Saturday 9th December 06-Dec 06-Dec
Sunday 10th December 06-Dec 06-Dec
Monday 11th December 07-Dec 07-Dec
Tuesday 12th December 07-Dec 08-Dec
Wednesday 13th December 08-Dec 08-Dec
Thursday 14th December 08-Dec 08-Dec
Friday 15th December 11-Dec 12-Dec
Saturday 16th December 11-Dec 12-Dec
Sunday 17th December 12-Dec 13-Dec
Monday 18th December 12-Dec 13-Dec
Tuesday 19th December 13-Dec 14-Dec  
Wednesday 20th December 13-Dec 14-Dec
Thursday 21st December 14-Dec 15-Dec
Friday 22nd December 14-Dec 15-Dec
Saturday 23rd December 15-Dec 18-Dec
Sunday 24th December 15-Dec 18-Dec
Monday* 25th December 18-Dec 19-Dec
Tuesday** 26th December 18-Dec 19-Dec
Wednesday 27th December 19-Dec 20-Dec
Thursday 28th December 19-Dec 20-Dec
Friday 29th December 19-Dec 22-Dec
Saturday 30th December  20-Dec 21-Dec
Sunday 31st December  20-Dec 22-Dec
Monday** 1st January 21-Dec 22-Dec
Tuesday 2nd January 21-Dec 22-Dec


  Normal Delivery: Copy Instructions, and copy should be delivered and approved at least 2 clear working day before transmission to avoid a late surcharge.
  VOD campaigns going live between 18th Dec - 3rd Jan, all copy, tags, & rotations must be delivered by Friday 15th December
  **   Bank Holiday
1 Copy Received Dates are to avoid late copy surcharges being applied by some Broadcasters.
2 UK Broadcasters are those represented by: ITV, Channel 4, Sky Media, & Turner Broadcasting
3 Agencies with clients for whom the indicated deadlines are impractical should contact individual broadcaster sales representatives directly to agree their requirements. (e.g. Newspapers)



Channel 4 2018 Advance Booking deadlines

Month Deadline
January 2018 Tuesday 7th November 2017
February 2018 Tuesday 5th December 2017
March 2018 Wednesday 3rd January 2018
April 2018 Tuesday 6th February 2018
May 2018 Tuesday 6th March 2018
June 2018 Wednesday 4th April 2018
July 2018 Tuesday 1st May 2018
August 2018 Tuesday 5th June 2018
September 2018 Tuesday 3rd July 2018
October 2018 Wednesday 1st August 2018
November 2018 Tuesday 4th September 2018
December 2018 Tuesday 2nd October 2018