PL4Y is our creative department dedicated to helping you get the best results.


PL4Y is 4 Sales’ integrated creative approach; both a culture and practice that encourage curiosity and courage in ideas. Through the practice of PL4Y briefs are interrogated more ruthlessly to define the real challenge and identify the best possible way Channel 4 can add value to a brand.

At the heart of PL4Y is collaboration, working with agencies and clients as early as possible to look at what can be done differently, using a raft of techniques, tools and games to power fresh and bold thinking. This is underpinned by a workshop culture that is planned and executed in the PL4Y house – 4Sales’ dedicated creative space in central London where agencies and clients have full access to all of PL4Y’s resources.

PL4Y takes inspiration from anywhere, looking outside of the traditional broadcast sphere and forging partnerships that can drive even better creative ideas that deliver results

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