Channel 4

Britain's Unsung Heroes AFP with TSB

A branded Entertainment Partnership showcasing the efforts of essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Big Idea

The programme celebrates the numerous people from teachers to delivery drivers, supermarket staff to food industry workers, power workers, cleaners to carers and refuse collectors to bus drivers – to name just a few - who are keeping the nation functioning. Alongside the NHS, these are stories from our other Coronavirus Heroes, the key workers who are essential to keep the country functioning during this time.

For the millions of us living in lockdown, they provide a life-line and vital service who despite the threat of the deadly virus, are helping people day-in and day-out. We simply wouldn’t be able to function without them.

Pete Markey, chief marketing officer at TSB, said: "Working with Channel 4 gives us great platform to say thank you to Britain’s unsung heroes – those people who are helping others, providing services or simply helping us to go about our daily business. "We think this is incredibly important and it’s at the heart of our latest 'People helping people' campaign, which also showcases the ways we are helping our customers through this current crisis."

Making it Happen

TSB had been looking for a meaningful way to recognise the key workers who are keeping the country on its feet, we knew that our special hour-long ad funded programme idea, celebrating our UK heroes would be the perfect vehicle for them. And, not to mention, the show was turned around in a record time of 6 weeks from initial pitch to on air TX!

Also around the show,TSB Idents featuring real TSB staff who have also been working keeping our financial services going, thanking all the other workers in the film for keeping the nation running., as well as social and digital TSB branded content that supported and amplified the reach of the programme, with the wonderful stories contained in it.

The Results

The programme only aired this week so we don't have the full results back yet, but come back to check soon!