Channel 4

Coors Coldest of All Time Live Rap Battle

Three rap battlers - Doc Brown, London Hughes and Tash Demetriou - battled it out to be crowned Coldest of All Time, taking part in a rap battle. Their pre-battle warm up scenes, sizing each other up were aired across selected C4 and E4 programmes for three months, as part of the idents for the Coors Light sponsorship of Refreshing Comedy on 4.

The Big Idea

The ad series featured all battle scenes between the three comedians, and their unquenchable thirst for the ultimate title Coldest Of All Time.

The winner was be crowned in July, and was decided using a live-vote mechanic and #CoorsLightCOAT across all social channels, with a focus on Twitter. Winning and losing battles will continue to appear across airtime until the end of the year.

Making it Happen

The campaign was supported OOH and appeared across talent, brand and Channel 4 social channels. All campaign assets were created and produced our production partners The Outfit.

The Results

Check out who actually won the Coors Coldest of All Time rap battle here.