Channel 4

Every Mind Matters

Every Mind Matters was a brief from PHE and OmniGov, and started out as a collaboration between us, ITV, Sky, 5 and MTV where a 20" copy ran across all channels. Media owners were then asked what else they could do to support the launch, with no additional media spend.

The Big Idea

Working closely with 4Creative and Marketing (4Creative in particular), we came up with something rather special.


Making it Happen

In conjunction with PHE, we created 4 x 20” stings that sat Continuity time, and visualised 4 different signs of Mental Health. All voiced by our in-house Continuity team working each night, the campaign fitted seamlessly into the editorial of Channel 4, as well as being able to highlight the collaboration with NHS England and push viewers to PHE’s website (a key aim of their core campaign).

The Results

Each execution ran twice a night between Monday 7th and Thursday 10th October (World Mental Health Day).