Channel 4

#Get The Inside Out with Lloyds

The second year of Channel 4’s Diversity in Advertising Award challenged advertisers to address hidden disability in their campaigns, whilst demonstrating the ability to hit brand objectives. Despite the tough brief, it attracted over 50 entries from across the industry. We were delighted to award the coveted prize of £1m of commercial airtime to Lloyds Bank in partnership with Mental Health UK.

The Big Idea

1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem each year in the UK. 74% of people think the average person is unwilling to talk about their own mental health and 75% feel there is still a stigma around mental health in Britain. Lloyds Bank wanted to drive awareness of mental health through open debate and deeper conversations and to drive positivity towards Lloyds Bank through campaign engagement and participation.

To help normalise these conversations, the creative idea centred around real Lloyds Bank customers and staff, along with recognisable celebrities playing a version of the well known ‘post it note’ game. To uncover the mental health issue on their post it note, they asked questions which also helped to stimulate conversation and myth bust certain conditions.

The response to the #GetTheInsideOut campaign has been overwhelming positive. As well as exceeding all of our pre-set campaign objectives, we have been able to generate a real social conversation around the subject of mental health which effects 1 in 4 people in the UK. The campaign has been so well received that we are continuing to run this for the rest of the year. We are really proud of the work we have been able to deliver with Channel 4 and Mental Health UK, and hope we can continue to help remove the stigma around mental health by encouraging conversations. - Jean Reddan, Head of Marketing Communications, Lloyds Banking Group

Making it Happen

Through our creative approach PL4Y, we worked closely with adam&eve DDB and Lloyds Bank to recruit recognisable C4 celebrities to appear in the campaign. Alex Brooker, Rachel Riley, Ade Adepitan and Gizzy Irskine signed up to appear in the advert and pledge films for social activity alongside Professor Green, Victoria Pendleton, Jeremy Paxman, Alistair Campbell and Lloyds Bank staff and customers.

We identified our hit series Hunted as the perfect launch vehicle for the campaign. The 2018 series featured Bob and Alex in the competition, a father and son duo. As well as watching them outwit the hunters, our viewers got to see their relationship deepen as Bob learnt more about Alex’s condition Asperger’s than he ever had before and come to terms with the bullying and struggles his son had endured growing up.

We launched both 60” copies in the first ad break with a special Channel 4 introduction on 1st February. We also persuaded adam&eve DDB to license 4 of the celebrity pledge films made specifically for social and peppered the films throughout the 2nd and 3rd breaks – the only time they were used on TV. The show also aligned with ‘Time To Talk Day’, a key date for raising awareness of mental health issues, and opening multiple PR opportunities for Lloyds #GetTheInsideOut campaign.
Social Influencers like Zoella, Olly Murs and Jamie Vardy were also key in spreading #GetTheInsideOut by talking about their personal experiences and the activity was also supported through VOD, cinema, social and display media with Lloyds committing additional TV spend on top of the £1m free airtime.

The social sentiment of Lloyds was up a phenomenal +92% compared to a net average of +16%
Mental Health UK saw a 256% traffic increase to their website and an increase in donations across March

The Results

The results show that the business objectives were fully met.

Drive awareness of mental health through open debate and deeper conversations:

• 24.3k mentions across all social media channels.

• 256% traffic increase to the Mental Health UK website & an increase in donations across March

• Phenomenal press coverage including TV coverage on Sky News and a clip of the campaign shown during Loose Women with a personal story from Frankie Bridge

Driving positivity towards Lloyds Bank:

•Lloyds Bank social sentiment at +92 net sentiment vs competitor set average of +16

Customers feeling that Lloyds are leading the way in changing perceptions around mental health;

• 50% increase pre to post campaign in C4 viewers believing Lloyds Bank is leading the way in changing perceptions around mental health

43% increase pre to post campaign in Nat rep sample believing that Lloyds Bank cares about the issues affecting customers and employees today