Channel 4

Shop Responsibly

Channel 4 were incredibly proud to be part of the launch of this brilliant new initiative from Publicis Media and Leo Burnett.

The Big Idea

With the Coronavirus pandemic spooking the public, panic-buying spread across the UK, leading to huge queues at supermarkets and depleted stocks of essential items.

As part of a multi-brand response to the crisis, Publicis Media created the Shop responsibly initiative, encouraging the nation to think carefully about how they shop during the crisis, and persuading them to think about others when they do so.

As part of the campaign, Publicis media approached Channel 4 to take part in a roadblock ad break takeover, across UK television - participating alongside our TV colleagues at ITV and Sky to put the campaign front of mind for the whole nation.

Making it Happen

We created a special Channel 4 branded break introduction with the voiceover proclaiming 'From everyone at Channel 4, and on behalf of the advertisers that follow, please shop responsibly'.


Then, a series of brands ran their ad copy, some with bespoke 'Shop Responsibly' messaging included, punctuated by engaging Shop Responsibly messages like 'Help Your Neighbours' and 'Keep 2 metres Apart' to drive home the core campaign messaging.

The Results

The break takeover aired in mid April, and the results of the campaign will appear here soon!