Channel 4

Sparkling whites with Oral-B

Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed a very special ad going out around the launch of the new series of First Dates Hotel last week. This partnership, the first ever between P&G and Channel 4 sets out to finally put to rest the debate of what’s better, electric or manual toothbrushes.

The Big Idea

Oral-B’s new campaign fronted by Gemma Cairney and entitled “Full Disclosure” sees Laura and Grant from First Dates face off (or rather smile off) with Laura using the Oral-B electric brush, and Grant the manual brush. (We’ll let you watch the film for yourselves to see who wins.)


Making it Happen

Oral-B and Gemma also travelled to the Celebs go Dating Agency and the set of Hollyoaks to put the celebrity teeth of agents Paul and Anna (with the help of Tom) and Niamh and Ijaz of Hollyoaks High to the test so keep an eye out for them across the schedule as they air in the coming weeks.

The Results

These partnership ads will run from now until June and this also marks the launch of the first partnership in over 10 years between P&G and Channel 4.