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Warner Bros - Tenet

Dynamic and Personalised are part of All 4’s ENG4GE portfolio. Dynamic, which is a world first, enables advertisers the opportunity to deliver bespoke messages linked to viewers’ location, the weather, the time of day, date, their age and gender. C4 can run thousands of versions of data-driven creative for a single ad campaign across multiple platforms - big screen devices, mobile and desktop VoD platforms. Personalised leverages our registered user database of 23 million and allows brands to deliver personalised named visual or audio messages. C4 is only broadcaster globally to offer this innovation.

The Big Idea

With cinemas re-opening after lockdown, it was important, more than ever before, to make a big splash about Tenet’s release and drive ticket sales.

Warner Bros wanted to showcase the trailer and also tap into the film’s time theme and strapline: Time Runs Out.

We created a high impact campaign with two different creative innovations, exclusive to All 4.

Burst 1 was a Dynamic creative, building awareness of the film with a counting down to the day of release, creating anticipation and excitement. The format showcased the trailer alongside the countdown and the film’s key Time Runs Out message.

For burst 2, we created a Personalised Audio campaign tapping into our registered user database of 23 million. To capture their attention and create stand out for the film, viewers heard and saw their name at the beginning of the trailer; this was then followed by the Time Runs Out message and a call to action to book tickets now.

The Audio 4 You copy can be viewed here.

Making it Happen

Tenet’s Dynamic campaign was a collaboration between PHD, Warner Bros, C4 Sales and Innovid.

The Results

The campaign is currently live.