Who we are

  • Film4 is a production house and a channel with the respective purpose of producing and broadcasting alternative films
  • In 2006 the channel moved from pay TV to being free-to-air allowing more free access to home-grown and blockbuster films
  • The illustrious brand extends to where users can find a wealth of reviews, listings and interviews by industry experts


What we are for

  • Film4 is committed to enhancing the British film making industry by nurturing and funding new talent
  • Film4 is the most widely available free-to-air film channel in the UK
  • It offers the most distinctive range of mainstream and independent films of all dedicated film channels in the UK, encouraging audiences to broaden their horizons

Why advertise on Film4?

  • Winning 5 Oscars in 4 years and 3 BAFTAs in 2007 alone, Film4 has an incredible reputation for making and showing alternative and challenging films
  • Reaching 8.3 million ABC1s a month and with an upmarket (42%) and male (55%) profile, Film4 can help you access an inquisitive and demanding audience
  • is innovative, entertaining and irreverent to the core. From banners to sponsorship via buttons and interstitials, our New Media Sales team can ensure you reach an intelligent audience and maximise your online marketing objectives. The site uses the very latest technology to offer clients accuracy, comprehensive management and a concise delivery system. For more information on advertising on the website email us
  • Check what's on

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