UK Tribes

Welcome to the world of youth research

UKTribes is an award winning research project that has now been running for a decade. Created by Channel 4 and Crowd DNA, UK Tribes is a long-standing study of British youth culture.

Looking for something more innovative and authentic than a socio-demographic segmentation model for youth, our goal was to study the youth market in a way that reflected how they actually arrange themselves in our society.



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Who are the Tribes?

The Tribes are young people aged 16-24. They are segmented into tribes based on the social glues (music, sport, fashion, technology etc) around which young people gather. There are 5 planning segments – Mainstream, Urban, Alternative, Aspirant & Leading Edge - and our most recent segmentation has found 38 individual Tribes within this. This project takes you to the heart of young Britain.

What can the Tribes do for us?

The UK Tribes offer a chance to gain some insight into the minds of young people aged 16-24. To explore youth in honest terms and as described to us by young people themselves.

How do we use the Tribes?

Our online community is made up of a group of 300+ 16-24 year olds who are representative of different types of young people across Britain. In this community the Tribes do three tasks a week on various topics, offering insights about their lives, their media, their aspirations and their brand preferences. Agencies and brands can use the community to help inform their media plans, inform pitches, test their creative decisions or simply to enhance their understanding of this key audience.

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