Broadcaster VOD: The Bigger Picture

ITV & Channel 4 have come together to showcase the power of Broadcaster VOD via Project Firefly, an award-winning joint research project, which for the first time, brings together broadcaster’s First Party Data sets to validate claimed behaviour and determine advertising exposure.


Key Take Outs

TV, the prime and trusted advertising real estate

TV, in all its forms, is the most popular form of video, accounting for 71% of all time spent watching video.

The average view-through rate for Broadcaster VOD is 93%.

Advertising playing full screen will have a greater sales impact than ads playing on a smaller proportion of the screen.

VOD ROI increases as the proportion of Broadcaster VOD increases.


Linear + BVOD = drives campaign effectiveness

BVOD is an important part of the TV ecosystem with at least 70% of viewing now on a big screen

BVOD delivers a lot more viewing than campaign-impressions would lead you to believe

BVOD delivers additional viewers - 1.6 on average across all platforms

Advertising on BVOD alongside Linear TV increases campaign effectiveness


BVOD delivers highly ‘absorbed’ viewing situations

Due to these viewing situations, BVOD produces greater happiness and engagement with content

BVOD creates greater brand impact and advertisers are viewed in a more positive light

BVOD can work on its own, but using both linear and VOD together is the most powerful combination for an advertising brand