Tasteful Living Sponsorship 2020/21 - HGTV & Really

Sponsoring Tasteful Living is the perfect way to align your brand with fantastic lifestyle and home interest programming across the very popular and newly rebranded HGTV (formerly Home) and Really.

The 12 month opportunity starts on 1st December 2020 and includes the following:

- Sponsorship of 2080 hours across HGTV and Really

  • With an always on presence across HGTV and Really with an average of 40 hours of content sponsored per week
  • 25 hours per week on HGTV across all dayparts, Mon-Sun
  • 15 hours per week on Really across all dayparts, Mon-Sun
  • 8 x 10” sponsorship credits per hour
  • Including new acquisitions such as Money for Nothing, Building the Dream, Love your Garden,Restoration Home and returning favourites such as DIY SOS, Fantasy homes by the sea etc
  • The sponsorship is predicted to reach an enormous total of 21m adults

HGTV & Really


HGTV & Really Viewers

HGTV has grown its share by 33% since it was rebranded on 21 January, spearheaded by the second series’ Sarah Benny's Renovate Don’t Relocate, which became the channel’s biggest original commission in a decade! HGTV also grew 25% during Lockdown, highlighting how well it entertained and resonated through a difficult time. HGTV continues to grow and since it’s rebrand is up +125% August vs. January with August becoming HGTV’s biggest ever month!

Really has also had a record breaking year after it delivered its biggest monthly Share Of Viewing (SOV) Individual's (0.81%) and ABC1’s (0.60%) in May.

HGTV & Really Viewers

Lockdown Trend - People are falling in love with property shows again

  • Lockdown has changed peoples relationship to their homes and their neighborhoods
  • Property as a commodity is less important, quality of life is the place you live in right now, people have become more connected to their homes and communities
  • Post Covid sees a change in emphasis for property formats -  peoples needs and lives have changed – looking for space saving, down sizing, workspaces, play spaces, gardens, DIY & different ways of living
  • This is the zeitgeist – opportunity to connect to the audience to help them love the home they are in, improve or move and transport them to other places

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Why does sponsorship work?

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To express interest please contact your usual 4 Sales representative.

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