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Monday 23rd November

Food Unwrapped Does Superfoods - 8pm on C4 

The term 'superfoods' has become a buzzword in recent years. From kale to kimchi and seaweed to sauerkraut, there's a seemingly endless array of foods that claim to work wonders on our health. This Food Unwrapped special separates fact from fiction with a look back at some favourite superfoods stories. Jimmy Doherty gets to the bottom of a pruney puzzle: are the dried out plums really good for backed-up bowels? In LA, Kate Quilton learns that caffeine can have some unexpected benefits when it comes to losing weight. Matt Tebbutt investigates the curious case of the shrinking salad. Are microgreens really supercharged with nutrients? He also probes surprising reports that too much kale could actually be a bad thing, and heads to Spain in search of the latest super drink, horchata, made from tiger nuts. Finally, Jimmy's in Iceland with old-school superfood cod liver oil.

Food Unwrapped


America’s Sex Traffic Cops - 10pm on C4

When we see sex traffic cop Christi first approach Nadia, who is selling sex on the streets of Phoenix, Arizona, she says she is 19. In fact, she's just 15. For the next three years BAFTA-winning filmmaker Jezza Neumann follows a dedicated and compassionate team of female police officers as they try to pull Nadia away from the life she has been lured into. In this intimate and compelling film, Neumann gets to know not only Nadia, and another victim called Kat, but also the cops, Amber, Melissa and Christi, going home with them, meeting their kids, and learning what drives them to go to such lengths to reach out to girls on the streets who often see them as the enemy. Sex trafficking is the modern face of slavery, yet it remains hidden from sight. 'I didn't even know what sex trafficking was before I was taken,' says Kat. Another victim, called Mariah, looks back with deep sadness, 'You hope that things will get better and they never do. And one day you wake up and it's years later and you're not even the same person.'

America's Sex Traffic Cops


Tuesday 24th November

The Great British Bake-Off: The Final - 8pm on C4

The Great British Bake Off concludes, under exceptional circumstances and with some changes. New host Matt Lucas joins Noel Fielding, and as we all adapt to the challenges 2020 has brought us, this year's bakers tackle new challenges set by judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. It's the final, and for the last remaining bakers the stakes couldn't be higher, as Paul and Prue set three challenges that test every aspect of their baking skills. There's a deceptively simple Signature combining set custard and puff pastry, and a Technical celebrating the classic combination of chocolate and nuts. Finally, in the Showstopper, the bakers have free rein to show the judges exactly why they deserve to be crowned the winner, as they construct magnificent dessert towers. Twelve bakers entered the bubble at the start of the competition, but only one can be crowned the winner of The Great British Bake Off 2020.




The Truth About Amazon: How to Shop Smart - 9:15pm on C4

The Truth About Amazon is the ultimate guide to how Amazon dominates our shopping and everything we need to know when using the site. Amazon is one of the biggest winners of the pandemic. The online giant's revenue and profits have soared by almost 40% year on year, reporting its biggest ever quarterly profits of £5 billion, with sales of £70 billion in the last three months alone. With much of the high street closed for the second lockdown during the run-up to Christmas, Amazon has recruited an extra 400,000 staff to keep up with the coronavirus-driven demand. That's the equivalent of putting the entire city of Leicester on its payroll. Following on from Channel 4's previous investigations into Amazon, this three-part series presented by Helen Skelton and Sabrina Grant asks: How do we shop smart on Amazon? How did Amazon beat the rest and upend the high street? And should we trust Amazon this Christmas? With insight from executives, tech analysts and experts, Sabrina and Helen show how to get hidden bargains, while exposing the questionable practices we all need to know about. In this episode, Sabrina and Helen offer key tips to get the best deals possible. They reveal how thousands of positive reviews have been hijacked and attached to completely different products; how Amazon pushes us into buying products offering poor value for money; and how you can find identical products for a much cheaper price on the same site. They reveal that buying secondhand on Amazon can be significantly more expensive than buying brand new. And they explore what happens when we let Amazon's personal assistant Alexa do our shopping.

The Truth About Amazon


Wednesday 25th November

Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country (E3) - 8pm on C4

Property expert Sarah Beeny, her husband Graham and their four boys have quit their lives in London to start anew in the country. They've bought a semi-derelict former dairy farm in Somerset with 220 acres of land where they're going to immerse themselves in everything rural life has to offer. They also plan to build the house of their dreams - a modern stately home - in one of the fields. In this episode, as Sarah and Graham eagerly await the go-ahead from the council to build their dream home, the whole family head off to a poultry farm that sells a vast array of chickens, ducks and peacocks to the public. Graham's keen to buy some hens that can lay eggs, while Sarah's hoping the hens will be useful in disposing of the family's waste food, and the boys are taken by the irresistibly cute chicks. And back at the farm, Sarah's brother Diccon and his son Orlando come up with a quirky design for a fox-proof chicken run. With 220 acres of land, Sarah and Graham explore how to make the farm pay for itself by heading off to find out how to make Somerset's most famous drink - cider - at a local cider mill. But can they make it into a lucrative business? And after 30 years of dreaming and planning, the day finally arrives when Sarah and Graham are given the green light to go ahead and build their dream home.

Sarah Beeny


Sex Party Secrets - 11.05pm on M4

This frank and compelling documentary takes viewers inside the hidden world of the UK's self-proclaimed 'sexual elite', with access to exclusive sex parties. The programme provides an insight into the lives of the most selective party planners and their meticulously vetted, often wealthy and beautiful guests. As the partygoers sip on champagne and fulfil their wildest fantasies behind the doors of multi-million-pound mansions and country estates, the programme explores the motivation behind the desire that drives married couples, young single friends and seasoned sex fanatics to seek fleeting sexual experiences and group sex with strangers.

Sex Party Secrets


Thursday 26th November

Taskmaster (S10E7) - 9pm on C4

The brand new series of the comedy game show continues, with contestants Daisy May Cooper, Johnny Vegas, Katherine Parkinson, Mawaan Rizwan and Richard Herring. Mawaan is not at all fazed when faced with a task involving office chairs, chickens and remote control cars, though the same can't be said for the other competitors... Elsewhere, Daisy tries to decipher mysterious messages from Richard, and Katherine is baffled by a giant marble. Greg Davies, the judgemental Taskmaster, grades their efforts with his customary vigour, and is ably assisted by the absurdly loyal Little Alex Horne.



World’s Weirdest Homes (E2/2) - 10pm on M4

Charlie Luxton reveals more fabulously bizarre homes, from a kaleidoscopic house fit for a Canadian Batman to a Mexican house floating on 160,000 plastic bottles and a tiny cottage in Scotland that's like something from The Hobbit. Charlie meets the eccentric owners too, from a Middlesbrough carpenter who keeps building houses that get washed away by hurricanes and a Russian clown who likes to row his bed down a river, to a Cuban artist who started a revolution in his own neighbourhood. At turns hilarious, heart-warming and insightful, this programme explores what it takes to live in a jaw-dropping home.

Worlds weirdest homes


Friday 27th November

The Great British Bake-Off: An Extra Slice – The Final - 8pm on C4

As The Great British Bake Off concludes, An Extra Slice brings us the last treats from the tent. Each week Jo Brand and a panel of celebrity Bake Off fans unpack the best bits from the show, as well as unseen footage and an exclusive interview with the baker who's leaving the competition. To celebrate the final, Jo's joined by Matt Lucas, Emma Bunton, Rylan Clark-Neal, and both runners-up and the winner of The Great British Bake Off 2020. The panel indulge in the dramatic finale, there's extra unseen footage from the tent, Tom Allen does a final sweep of the studio and Jo mops up the last viewer pictures of the series - from the delicious to the atrocious. Which of the finalists were hot off the mark in the sweet Signature challenge? Who went nutty over the Technical? And after an incredible dessert tower Showstopper, do the panel back the judges' choice of winner?

Extra Slice


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - 9pm on E4

Martin Freeman stars as Bilbo Baggins, the reluctant adventurer and the eponymous hobbit, in the first instalment of Peter Jackson's epic action adventure trilogy based on JRR Tolkien's novel, The Hobbit. With Ian McKellen as wizard Gandalf. Bilbo Baggins isn't a natural adventurer. Indeed, it may be said that he's something of a homebody. So why has the wise wizard Gandalf chosen him to help a fierce band of dwarves reclaim their homeland of Erebor? Well, because hobbits can pass unseen by almost anyone. But first you must convince the hobbit to come on the adventure. Then you must convince the dwarves that they want the hobbit to come on the adventure. Then, and only then, can you actually go on the adventure. While this is all going on, 13 dwarves are eating Mr Baggins out of hobbit-hole and home. So he may as well go on the adventure. And what an adventure! It's going to be by turn dangerous, character forming, surprising, sumptuously shot and, of course, emotional. Freeman and McKellen are joined by a host of British acting talent as the Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain, including Richard Armitage as Thorin, Aidan 'Poldark' Turner as Kill, Ken Stott as Balin and James Nesbitt as Bofur.

The Hobbit


Saturday 28th November

Britain’s Most Historic Towns (S3E4) - 8:30pm on C4

Professor Alice Roberts visits Plymouth, where England's 'Golden Age' was launched in the Elizabethan era. She visits Buckland Abbey, the magnificent home of Plymouth's most famous son, Sir Francis Drake, exploring how the wealth enjoyed by Drake and his second cousin John Hawkins was earned through piracy and slave trading, carried out with the explicit approval of the crown. Alice investigates revolutionary boat building techniques that helped defeat the Spanish Armada. Using his drone, aerial archaeologist Ben Robinson highlights the physical characteristics that made Plymouth Harbour such an attractive base for pirates, and tracks the course of Drake's Leat, a waterway built by Drake with public money that would benefit Drake alone.

Britain's Most Historic Towns


The Inbetweeners Movie 2 - 9pm on E4

Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, James Buckley and Blake Harrison star in the sequel to their phenomenally successful big-screen outing of 2011, written and directed by the TV series' creators Damon Beesley and Iain Morris. Simon (Thomas) and Will (Bird) are now at university, while Neil (Harrison) is working at a bank. But none of them is happy, and their love lives are a mess. So when they hear that Jay (Buckley) is indulging in a life of hedonism and promiscuity as a star DJ in Sydney, they book flights to Australia for their Easter holidays. But when they get there, they discover that Jay has vastly overstated his success. Or, to put it another way, lied. The lads deal with their disappointment by embarking on an Antipodean adventure that includes a memorable trip to a water park, encounters with backpackers, much seeking of sex, the hunt for Jay's ex, and a perilous trip to the outback. A Film4 production.

The Inbetweemers 2


Sunday 29th November

Escape to Barbados - 6pm on C4

Covid-19 has dealt a devastating blow to the economy of Barbados, a Caribbean island that relies heavily on its bustling tourist trade. This documentary follows the intrepid Brits who have grabbed the opportunity to escape lockdown Britain and taken advantage of the 'Barbados Welcome Stamp' - a special visa allowing people the chance to 'work from home' from the beautiful island. Kris, Brigitta and their three children from Manchester hope the move will allow Kris to focus less on work and spend more time with the family. Meanwhile, 35-year-old Ashley from Leeds hopes that the move will help him build a new community of friends. For grandparents Steve and Amanda, a one-year adventure in Barbados is the chance for one last hurrah, leaving behind their home in Salisbury and their children and grandkids. But will they get homesick and return home early?

Escape to Barbados

Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix Highlights - 9pm on C4

Steve Jones, David Coulthard and Mark Webber present highlights from Bahrain, a race that usually provides great racing and overtaking, and is often referred to as the 'duel in the desert'. The fight for third in the constructors' championship couldn't be tighter going into this weekend, so it will be a good chance for McLaren, Renault and Racing Point to grab some valuable points.


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