4Studio: UK’s Most Viewed Social Branded Content Partner

Within a year of its launch 4Studio has reached a new milestone becoming the UK's most viewed social branded content partner, amassing over 29 million views across Facebook and Instagram alone!


Launching a brand-new business area in the middle of a global pandemic might sound like an interesting decision – but at Channel 4, we never shy away from a challenge!

As one of the UK’s biggest commercial broadcasters, we’re no stranger to creating content that audiences love – and our efforts have always been focused on reaching younger audiences. So, in June 2020, we launched 4Studio, a brand-new digital content studio within Channel 4, with a commercial remit to create social-first branded content for young audiences and distribute at significant scale across our social platforms.

Has all the effort paid off? Well, we learnt last week that in the short time since our first campaign went live, 4Studio has become the most viewed branded content partner in the UK, amassing over 29 million views for our campaigns on Channel 4 across Facebook and Instagram alone – that’s more than any of the more-established UK publishers including LadBible, Joe Media and UniLad. Since launch we've worked with over 15 different advertisers on a multitude of fabulous campaigns including Visit Britain, Wrigleys and Body Shop, producing innovative social-first content that resonates strongly with young viewers and delivers for brands.

Given that 4Studio is barely 9 months old, the team’s success has been astounding and we can’t wait to see what we’ll achieve next!

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