Branded opportunity for 4Studio My Manor series 

4Studio was setup by Channel 4 to create and distribute content for 1634s on social, but more than that it was launched to challenge the conversation, provide alternative voices and reinvent entertainment, hence it's latest branded entertainment opportunity, My Manor. 

My Manor Opportunity

About My Manor 

My Manor is a flagship social format paying homage to our cities.Through the voice of Julie and our talent My Manor uncovers the cultural influences London, Manchester and Glasgow have had on their inhabitants. Each episode will centre around Julie meeting our featured artist to get the low down on how their life and their art has been directly influenced and shaped by their Manor.

More than just a branding opportunity, this is a chance to position your brand next to the future of music, culture and establish itself as a central hub for creativity within cities. Bringing credibility and authenticity to the series that will show the brand not just supporting culture but helping form culture.


4Youth Approval

We tested the concept of the show, the potential talent and the idea of the series with Channel 4's 4Youth community of 16-24s. After giving them a short blurb about what they show would include, a massive 84% of our 16-24s said they’d watch the show



Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and All 4. 


Driving Viewership 

A variety of social assets will be used to promote My Manor Series One across the campaign period to retarget, engage and drive audience viewership, continually optimising as we go.

Pre-launch: Short films pre launch across series one in order to build custom audiences and remarketing audiences based on Channel 4 followers and those who have engaged with My Manor content.

Launch: Hero Episodes, Shorter Films and Stories retargeting those who have previously engaged and lookalike audiences based on previous custom and remarketing audiences

Post: Re-engage those who have watched ep one with new episodes and content within series. Option to create social ads and serve audience with a more promotional message.


Brand Integration

Across 4Studio Social Content

• All content presented ‘In partnership with Brand’

• Bespoke playlist created on YouTube and Facebook

• Brand x My Manor Title card at start of video on YouTube

• Brand x My Manor End Card across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

• Brand lozenge at start of all videos and stories

• Brand tag on FB and IG

• Authentic product integration

• Inclusion of Brand CTA and Link in Facebook feed

• Inclusion of Brand Swipe Up in Instagram Stories

• Inclusion of Brand CTA and URL in YouTube episode description


Getting in Touch 

This opportunity will close on 30th April for a live date of July 2021. To express interest please get in touch with Jodie at:


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