TENZING and 4Sales Unveil Partnership Powered By Nature

British natural energy drink business, TENZING, is the world’s first brand to plant trees as part of its advertising partnership with major broadcaster, Channel 4.

TENZING is continuing its exclusive partnership with 4Sales after becoming the first brand to take advantage of the broadcaster’s Greenhouse Fund last year – a commercial airtime match-fund initiative for brands that have never advertised on TV.

As an extension of this partnership TENZING Treecoins have been given to the broadcaster by the challenger brand, who has set a name for itself as a brand with big sustainability ambitions.

The bold move will see TENZING plant 4,000 trees, this will mean four trees are planted for approximately each member of staff at the broadcaster; each recipient will receive a tree profile with its exact geo-location, species, and picture updates. The TENZING forest is to be planted in union with The Future Forest Company and TENZING’s tree planting partner Ecologi.

The collaboration represents an opportunity to kickstart a change in the mindset of businesses to ensure they protect the planet at every level of business, but to also establish an increased level of trust in the idea of tree planting through total tree traceability.

This latest step in TENZING and Channel 4’s partnership reflects heightened climate change concerns in the run up to COP26. 

Together, the brands are aiming to set a new precedent to inspire change in people’s lives and encourage them to revalue nature.

Huib van Bockel, founder of TENZING said: “This collaboration represents something much bigger than a media partnership. It's about two companies leading the conversation on how the commercial world can help tackle the climate crisis.”

“The aim is we start to re-evaluate what we should value most: our planet. If companies paid just 1% of transactions in trees instead of cash the environmental impact would be huge. Becoming a tree-llionaire should be the world's most sought after title, instead of being a billionaire.”

Ewan Douglas, Head of Agency and Client Sales at Channel 4 said: “We’re really proud of this continued exclusive partnership between TENZING and 4Sales. It’s a fantastic example of like-minded brands working together in an innovative way to deliver commercial value whilst prioritising sustainability and we hope it inspires others to follow suit.”

TENZING has set a name for itself as a brand with big sustainability ambitions and for encouraging others to Take Action. TENZING hit the headlines by creating a giant ice sculpture of Sir David Attenborough to demonstrate the Arctic sea ice melt caused by one UK person every fortnight. It also became the first soft and energy drink in the world to go carbon negative and label its climate footprint.

TENZING is one of the few companies that is granted to communicate its sustainability pledge by Clearcast after going through rigorous checks by the governing agency. The 20’’ ad will air for 8 weeks across the Channel 4 portfolio of channels as well as on All 4 from Thursday 22nd April, which is fittingly Earth Day.  

For more information please visit - www.tenzingnaturalenergy.com


About TENZING:   

You’ve probably noticed that most energy drinks are full of synthetic caffeine, artificial mood boosters and loads of sugar. We thought it seemed a bit odd that there wasn’t a way of achieving a lift with nature’s finest ingredients - plants. 

Our product was inspired by the Sherpa people, who have been drinking a natural energy brew for years. And (surprise, surprise) it’s not made with synthetic ingredients you can’t spell... It’s natural. Oh, and it’s powerful enough for climbing Mount Everest so it’s powerful enough to fuel our everyday Everest too. 

Inspired by this brew we started TENZING. This led us on an epic adventure to Nepal, where we met the Norgay family, descendants of Sherpa Tenzing, one of the first two men to scale the world’s highest mountain. They told us of his closeness to nature, his ethos, drive for adventure and above all his burning ambition to be the first man on the world's highest summit. He is our guide and inspiration, and we are proud to carry his name.  

This drink is made with just seven key ingredients to provide you with a triple hit of natural

caffeine, vitamin C and electrolytes with every sip. 


About Channel 4 

Channel 4 is a publicly-owned yet commercially-funded public service broadcaster and has a remit to be innovative, experimental and distinctive. Its public ownership and not-for-profit status ensure all profit generated by its commercial activity is directly reinvested back into the delivery of its public service remit.

As a publisher-broadcaster, Channel 4 is also required to commission UK content from the independent production sector and currently works with around 300 creative companies across the UK every year.

In addition to the main Channel 4 service, its portfolio includes: E4, More4, Film4, 4seven, Channel4.com, streaming service All 4 and The Box Plus Network, including 4Music.


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