4Studio 2023 Branded Opportunity: GamesMaster S2 🕹️

The perfect opportunity for a brand seeking an audience who loves gaming & entertainment


In 1992, GamesMaster became the UK’s first TV show dedicated exclusively to a growing trend - video games. 

30 years later, gaming isn’t just a growing trend anymore. And last year, we brought GamesMaster back, generating an incredible 152m total impressions across all marketing, social digital and linear channels.

Now we want to take things even further. We want to continue to appeal to not just the nostalgic fans of the original series, but also bring GamesMaster to an even younger audience, people totally unaware of the brand heritage on 4.

This all-new take on GamesMaster 2023 would see us double down on the series’ success on social. Turning it into a gaming ecosystem on C4's social platforms.

This means we would still bring the entertaining gaming challenges, the nods to some of our most loved games and the unapologetic celebration of the very best of gaming culture, but we would be doing everything with a young, social-first audience in mind.

To express interest, or to find out more, please get in touch with your usual 4Studio rep, or e-mail us at: 4studiosalesenquiry@channel4.co.uk

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