Channel 4

A Once in a Decade Campaign

As part of the 2021 census campaign, we worked with Studio Lambert, MGOMD, The Outfit and the Office of National Statistics to create a special ad break takeover featuring the stars of Gogglebox

The Big Idea

The census only takes place once every decade, but its results affect huge swathes of our everyday lives - so making sure that the nation properly engages in the survey is hugely important.


Thats why MG OMD's OnmiGOV team created a cross-broadcaster campaign to help promote census weekend.

Making it Happen

Featuring contributors from all over England and Wales, the Census 2021 Weekend TVC, which was conceived and bought by MG OMD’s OmniGOV, and created by The Outfit with visual cues taken from the main Census TV campaign created by M&C Saatchi, broadcast at a high-frequency throughout the 20th – 21st of March across a variety of broadcasters including Channel 4.

In these carefully selected spot placements, each broadcaster proudly introduced the ad, showing our support and emphasising the importance of filling out your census across England and Wales.

In a further addition, Channel 4 aired an exclusive entire Gogglebox ad-break takeover on the 19th of March, produced by Studio Lambert, to further raise awareness of the importance of this survey with viewers. Six of the much-loved Gogglebox households including: The Sidiqquis, Jenny and Lee, Stephen and Daniel, Pete and Sophie, David and Shirley and The Plummers will discussed the importance of Census 2021 and how easy it is to take part in the digital-first survey. The partnership was planned and bought by MG OMD and 4Sales.

The Results

Alex Pilcher, Executive Director, Head of Clients, OmniGOV at MG OMD adds: “This once-in-a-decade campaign is crucial for shaping the country in years to come and will help ensure that the big decisions are made on the best/correct information. By making the survey a cultural moment with some of the UK’s most loved shows, we hope to convey the importance of taking part to the nation.”

Chris Braithwaite, Agency and Client Sales Leader, Channel 4 said: “We’re really proud of this collaboration with The ONS and our fellow broadcasters which uses our combined powerful reach together with Channel 4’s much-loved Goggleboxers to help raise awareness of this important campaign.”

Niall Murdoch, Founder, The Outfit said: “It’s not often a brief like this comes around - a chance to tell authentic, human stories from across England and Wales. We wanted to create a roadblock moment in time across broadcast and social on ‘Census Sunday’. Something truly representative, regional and relatable that would engage the public with genuine and compelling reasons why completing the census can result in positive change for everyone and give a nudge to go and fill in the form. The message is: “don’t be left out - be heard.”